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Bundle info

Bundle info files are JSON-files which contain information about a bundle. Their filename typically is bundleinfo.json. Bundle info files contain file paths relative to LauncherUpdate.BaseURL and Bundles.BaseURL from the deployment-config, respectively, as well as the SHA-256 hash values of the files at those paths, enabling trivrost to validate whether some files in a folder structure represent the described bundle, or not. Bundle information files should be generated using the hasher tool contained under cmd/hasher.



A bundle info file may look something like the following, though real-world examples are likely to be longer:

  "Timestamp": "2019-04-08 15:13:37",
  "UniqueBundleName": "MediaFilesForHelp",
  "BundleFiles": {
    "README.txt": {
      "SHA256": "62ebd700a6200c8ceba54d8e9af87cf062336cec4fa9df910527a3b67723d779",
      "Size": 16403
    "somedir/somefile": {
      "SHA256": "941b82840ec99a802c9708f8d43bcb458a7ab4bf6133d0ed15a258d2cd45dab1",
      "Size": 13454