A repurposable application-downloader and -launcher

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Why was trivrost developed?

Despite an increasingly attractive web development landscape, established desktop applications (and those which are actually well-suited to being one) continue to provide business value in lieu of the potential risks and gains of a more modern remake. However, getting an application onto a user’s computer and then keeping it up to date (all while being secure) is more difficult than one would hope for it to be: unconventional system configurations and strict company policies will call for you to take action. This is to be expected especially if you do not know some of your users directly; for example when they are partners of your client. trivrost makes sure that an always-online application is always up to date, can be deployed on a computer with one click, and has numerous solutions ready for you in case support requests come in. The project was further motivated by the need for a replacement for the now decommissioned Java Web Start.

Why “trivrost”?

Originally, we wanted to call the project “Bifröst”, which, in nordic mythology, is a “rainbow bridge” connecting the great beyond (your webserver) with the earthly realm (the users’ computers). We changed that up a little to prevent the name from containing an umlaut and clashing with the names of other projects, yielding “trivrost”.

About Java Web Start

Java Web Start (JWS) was a technology to deploy Java applications. A user would download a .jnlp file, which would be processed by the JWS component of the user’s existing Java installation as soon as they double-clicked it, causing required files to be downloaded and the application to run. Unfortunately, JWS is discontinued starting with Java SE 11; even if it wasn’t, it would still be limited to Java applications. Moreover, there no longer are Java Runtime Environment installations available for end users and Java’s update mechanism has been removed along with its control panel. Instead of using a system-wide Java installation, Java applications should now ship with their desired Java runtime. For more details see:

To bundle a Java application with a JRE/JDK, there are several alternatives:

Despite the project being motivated by a Java technology, note that trivrost can download and launch any executable.